4 Benefits of having a water tank on the back of your vehicle

Many people have been raving about the benefits of installing water tanks in homes and office buildings, but what about installing them on vehicles? It may not be a common application for water tanks, but it is just as beneficial as the common applications, especially for vehicles working in construction or mining. Read about the benefits of having a water tank on the back of your vehicle below:

Ease of access

Having a water tank on the back of a vehicle is very convenient. This will give any workers the opportunity to use water whenever they may need to. They will not have to struggle to find a tap or, in the case of mining situations, try to find a water source. The water will always be on hand, as long as the water tank is filled, and the vehicle is nearby.

Time saver

Due to the water tank always being on the vehicle, close enough to the work site, it is considered a major time saver. The time saving capability of the water tank is very beneficial in emergencies.


Water tanks are used mainly to wash tools , hands and dirty surfaces. These water tanks are made standard from Aluminium , not making it suitable water to drink, however at Marven Equipment we have the know how , to supply you(on extra request) a stainless steal water tank , which can be used then as drinking water and cleaning water.

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