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Moving With The Times, Achieving Perfection

Marven Equipment is a family owned business, situated in Benoni, East Rand in Gauteng.

In 2004 Marven Equipment expanded by opening up a Field Service Toolbox Division in conjunction with Catering Equipment.

In 2007 the Mining industry saw changes in the form of ROPS structures being fitted to vehicles. With that clients, asked Marven to develop an External ROPS that could accommodate the Field Service Toolbox canopies, also giving clients a wider range of certified products to choose from.

Ndlovu was developed, and is exclusively owned, design registered & patented by Marven Equipment. Ndlovu is the strongest & lightest ROPS/FOPS in its category, suitable for opencast and underground mining conditions. In 2010 Marven became the first & only manufacturer who could hot dip ROPS structures, enabling a 7-year warranty against rust and corrosion!

Ndlovu External ROPS/FOPS gained approval from Anglo American, BHP Billiton & De Beers mining group of companies. Along with this, Ndlovo won the Hot Dip Galvanizing Association award for the mining & industrial category in 2013.

Gheko Imports and Exports, a Division of Marven has since exported to fellow countries such as Mozambique, Angola, Botswana, DRC, Zambia, Lesotho, and Swaziland.

In 2013 Marven also acquired machines that offer two alternative types of rubberizing of vehicle load boxes. Old Style Polyurethane and new style Kryptonite.

Marven has & will always strive to grow & expand to accommodate a consumer industry that constantly evolves.

Moving with the times, achieving perfection!

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