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Fire extinguisher safety tips

Fire extinguishers are really helpful, but there are a few things you need to know about fire extinguishers before they are used. You should be aware of their placement, know how to use them efficiently and check that they are safe for use. Here is why:

Be aware of where they are

Fire extinguishers are always placed in areas where they are easily accessible. In an emergency, individuals must be able to easily locate the fire extinguishers. It is wise to know where they are located before any situation occurs when they are needed. The distance between each fire extinguisher should be about 8 – 15 meters depending on the size of the area in question and they should not be in any area where an individual could end up trapped by the flames.

Check the pressure gauge

Most fire extinguishers will come equipped with a pressure gauge. If the fire extinguisher has been efficiently filled then the gauge sits in the green, If the gauge is not in the green then the fire extinguisher may not have enough foam to extinguish the fire . This should be regularly checked by the maintenance manager.

Know how to use them

To remember the correct use of a fire extinguisher, it may be helpful to think of the acronym PASS.

P – pull the pin. This breaks the seal of the fire extinguisher and allows it to be used.
A – aim at the base of the fire. Aiming low will extinguish the flames faster.
S – Squeeze the handle. This is to release the powder and coat the fire.
S – Sweep the nozzle horizontally. Moving the nozzle from side to side is helpful in extinguishing the entire fire.

If the fire happens to reignite, repeat the final three steps until it is fully extinguished or call the authorities .

Knowing the above few tips is extremely helpful in an emergency situation. You can now adequately protect yourself from the dangers of a fire.

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