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Mine Accessories

Mine lights

We supply a range of mine lights, including cap lamps; an essential piece of equipment that has to be carried by every person working in an underground mining environment. It is a light source powered by a battery , carried on the miner’s belt with a cable connecting to a headpiece. The headpiece of the miner’s cap lampis attached onto the front of the miner’s helmet by means of a clip. Cap lamps are rechargeable and designed for between 600 and 1000 charge cycles depending on the battery technology chemistry used.


The purpose of a mine bar light is to create a high level of visibility for vehicles traveling on a mine site under a variety of low visibility conditions. Our slim profile design isan aluminium housing designed for use by vehicles on mine sites and is available in a permanent mount or with suction cups and optional signage. An optional reverse alarm buzzer can be installed inside light bar or vehicle.


We supply commercial strobe light systems with a flash energy in the region of 10 to 50 Joules, and discharge times as short as a few milliseconds, often resulting in a flash power of several kilowatts. Larger strobe light systems can be used in ‘continuous’ mode, producing extremely intense illumination.

Reflective tape

Reflective tape films are composed of wide angle, exposed retro-reflective lenses bonded to an adhesive. They are easy to apply to rigid substrates: simply peel and stick. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive films may be hand-cut, die-cut or kiss-cut, and may be screen printed.

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