Mining Safety Regulations and why you should wear protective clothing

Having a career in the mining industry can be hazardous; however, injuries can be avoided by strictly adhering to mining safety regulations and wearing protective gear. Here’s more about mining safety regulations and why you should wear protective clothing and make sure your vehicle is fully kitted with you!

Mining safety regulations

While employers are responsible for creating codes of practice and training employees on all subjects regarding mining. Employees are responsible for themselves and making sure they are always visible. Safety regulations concerning all mining employees state that the employee must be reasonably aware of their own health and safety as well as the health and safety of their colleagues. They must be vigilant in the work environment and report any safety hazards to the senior management on site. The final health and safety regulation that employees must follow is always to wear protective clothing.


The purpose of protective clothing and vehicle awareness

The basic purpose of protective gear is to protect you from any hazards you may face in the mining industry. Wearing protective clothing is a mining regulation. This includes gloves, glasses, reflective wear and safety boots. You will find most vehicle to be kitted in a similar fashion, mining vehicles have reflective triangles, reflective tape for visibility. Vehicles are also kitted with buggy whips which allows huge mining/ construction vehicle to see the average size ‘bakkie’. Most of the time, depending on the type of mine ,,vehicle can be fitted with a ROPS/FOPS system for extra protection for employees.

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