Ndlovu : Zulu Clan Name for Elephant (Choosen for pure strength and durability)



What is R.O.P.S & F.O.P.S :

R.O.P.S- Roll Over Protection Structure
F,O,P,S - Falling Object Protection Structure

The Ndlovu external R.O.P.S is the lightest and strongest R.O.P.S in the level 2 heavy duty R.O.P.S category. Weighing in at 186kg’s for the NDLOVU Manager R.O.P.S and 240kg’s for the NDLOVU Technician R.O.P.S. With this NDLOVU R.O.P.S NDLOVU external is a combined R.O.P.S and F.O.P.S on single cab vehicles and R.O.P.S for double cab and extra cab vehicles.

NDLOVU external proved its strength with lateral and vertical pressure of up to 10 Tons during testing , passing with flying colours. With this , also making it capable of managing multiple rolls with speeds up to 120km/ph.

Product details

Marven Equipment NDLOVU R.O.P.S is made from certified tubing to ensure absolute quality and peace of mind knowing you have the best on the market. The NDLOVU Externail R.O.P.S conveniently fits into a standard 2.1m meter garage, parking space,or construction area, making
your vehicle literally able to go everywhere. Giving your technicians the opportunity to park their vehicle safely more often.
Nldovu External R.O.P.S is built with utmost safety in mind for wherever your technicians go.


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