Mobile Workshop Solutions

Marven equipment, likes to pride themselves in being the kings of customization. We can take an idea and transform it into a working solution. Using material such as Aluminium tread plate , Mild steel. With our CAD assisted drawings we are able to create a solution that fits all your  drills, bolts, nuts and any other service required materials.

Traditionally, the customer used to come to the workshop when they required something to be made or repaired, but today, more and more frequently the workshop comes to the customer or to the machine.

At Marven Equipment, we offer mobile workshop solutions to contractors on the move. This concept is extremely convenient to the client, as the service provider comes to them, in the comfort of their own premises; thus minimizing downtime.

Our function is to support the industry and trade with well thought out solutions that facilitate flexible and efficient processes in mobile operations. We engineer designs that are spacious and useful for storing all the equipment that your technician will need on the move. We install mobile workshop solutions to suit every need, hence it’s a must have for contractors who are serious about efficiency and productivity.

Our mobile workshop solutions are extremely functional with a variety of tools and accessories required to deliver excellent service.

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