The advantage of mobile workshop solutions

Since our mobile workshop solutions are completely custom-fabricated, their applications are truly endless. To give you an idea of their power and flexibility, we would like to provide you with some common ways that these creations help businesses and their workers.

  • Convenient storage

Complex construction, engineering and fabrication jobs require a lot of specialized tools – large, small, heavy, light, bulky and fragile. Without central storage for these diverse pieces of equipment, the chances of damage and loss are high. In cases like these, our mobile workshops not only protect your valuable business assets but also keep resources well-organized to increase employee productivity and satisfaction, as well as overall job-site proficiency.

  • On-hand quality control

Particularly for businesses in the electrical, plumbing or mechanical engineering fields, precisely calibrated systems controls are critical. With a mobile workshop on hand, one can host all required testing equipment in a convenient location, saving you the time and effort of transporting equipment to centralized facilities. At Marven Equipment, we incorporate heavy-duty security features to ensure that even the costly equipment stays safe.

  • Mobility for business

Today, businesses and customers are more mobile than ever. Are you interested in meeting your customers where they are? In that case, a mobile workshop is a great place to start. Because our workshops are custom-built to your exact requirements, they are incredibly versatile and can be utilized for almostanything:

Are you considering the many ways a mobile workshop can improve your business process and customer experience? Get in touch with us today, and our friendly staff will gladly assist you. We have builtmanymobile workshops for businesses in different industries – and we’d love to take advantage of this experience to create a custom rig for your company. Call us today for more information.

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