The benefits of a custom mobile workshop

Mobile workshops are already hugely beneficial, but the customisation of mobile workshops takes the benefits to another level. Businesses of various industries can benefit from having a custom mobile workshop. Read about the benefits of custom mobile workshops below:


Personal layout

Create a layout suitable to you! Choose how many storage spaces you need and where to place them. A custom mobile workshop gives you the opportunity to customise your workshop layout in terms of the space you need for all your tools and the accessibility of tools. Whether you need open space to carry additional large items or extended draws for large tools, we have you covered. Shelving, drawers and more can be fitted in your mobile workshop to make a unique and convenient workspace for you.


Safety and security

Accessories for safety and security can be added to your custom mobile workshop. Fire extinguishers, strobe lights, reverse hooters, reflective tape and much more are all available for your mobile workshop. Pick and choose between all these accessories to create a workshop that is suitable for your industry. The door is fitted with a lock and all cupboards and draws can be fitted with locks too for the security of your equipment.


Industry fluid

Custom mobile workshops are industry fluid. They do not conform only to the construction or mining industries. These workshops can be personalised for use in a wide variety of industries. Whether you own a plumbing company or a catering company, your workshop can be made to fit your needs.

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