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Why is it important to have a certified ROPS on your vehicle?

A rollover protection system or rollover protection structure (ROPS) can greatly reduce the risk of casualty or even death, as it protects the occupant of a vehicle in the event of the vehicle rolling or over turning.

Marvens Ndlovu ROPS saves lives, by being able to handle Rolls up to speeds of 120km/h. This making our ROPS a level 2 structure. Our ROPS weighs a mere 186 kgs and if galvanized, offers a 7-year warranty against rust and corrosion.

A ROPS is commonly fitted to standard bakkies. Its manufactured with a strong durable metal, that can withstand the impact associated with a vehicle accident. This acts as a barrier between the cab and the driver.

Marvens Ndlovu ROPS offers two types of ROPS:
-Manager ROPS -Protects the cab
-Technician ROPS -Protects the canopy as well as the cab (weighs 260 kgs)

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