Why you need a Field Service Toolbox?

A field service toolbox is a fantastic addition to any workers collection. Used in an array of different ways, this durable asset makes work on site easier. With easy access to all items, this is the best way to keep organized. Suited to many industries, this effective toolbox has a proven track record.

As an effective, on-the-go support system for tools and equipment, this allows you to carry a full range of items in an ordered section in your vehicle. Suited to a wide range of industries, these types of tool boxes are often found in construction vehicles, as well as several emergency service vehicles – mainly fire and rescue.  The toolbox offers sufficient space for your tools and equipment.. No waiting for teams or support vehicles when you have it all on hand.

Each Standard Box is painted white and topped with a clear coat of protective insulation, a stock standard selection that allows for customisation as needed.  When installing the field service toolbox, each canopy door is fitted with shocks to ensure that tools being transported aren’t susceptible to damage.

Canopy doors have fitted inner and outer rubber to ensure the elements won’t impact your tools. The toolbox is water resistant.  Being portable, this is the perfect solution for use on construction and mine sites.

Lockable T-handles are a safety feature included with these boxes, ensuring the system always remains secure. Whether putting out fires or dealing with city infrastructure, a system like this gives you efficiency at your fingertips. Besides being high quality, the inner draws have powder coated interiors that allow for the durable handling of tools. With ideal packing space for all your bits and pieces, these are suited to various equipment requirements.

A fantastic solution to carrying tools to and from site, allowing you to have your full range on hand at always, this is a life saver when in emergency situations. A popular solution across industry, you need a field service toolbox.

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