Why you should choose Marven Equipment for all your Mining Equipment?

Mining operations around the world presents similar risks to worker safety and health. Although various techniques are employed to extract base metals, precious metals, non-metallic minerals, diamonds, coal, etc, the hazards do not differ that much. The deeper the mine, however, the greater the threat.

Safety challenges in underground mines are mostly related to using heavy machinery and other equipment at the work-site. Among the top ten most cited casual factors contributing to accidents are; lack of safety training, improper mining equipment and accessories, hazard communication, lockout precautions and electrical wiring.


Fortunately, modern equipment from Marven Equipment, more automated mining techniques and better mine engineering have significantly reduced some of these safety risks. Leading mine operators are incorporating meticulous safety measures and health and safety standards, while taking a proactive approach to worker education and training.


At Marven Equipment, we are committed to supplying our clients in the mining industry with high-quality mining equipment, ensuring maximum safety for the workers. Also imperative, is the routine equipment checks and maintenance programs that we provide to ensure that equipment and vehicles used in the mine or on the mining site are performing properly and reliably, and do not pose any dangers to their operations or workers nearby.


Mine operators need to adhere strictly to operational safety procedures. Employers need to provide the right tools and training to every employee to protect the life, health and safety of the workforce, as well as to protect valuable work-sites and assets. We supply mining equipment that assists mining companies to create a safe working environment; leading to a more productive and profitable mining operation. It also leads to higher levels of worker morale and job satisfaction, which in turn improves employee retention. We take a holistic approach towards improving worker safety education and safe work practices; a sound business investment that pays dividends for long-term success.

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